§19-7-45. Blood tests.

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§19-7-45. Blood tests.
Short Title HB 284 - Child or spousal support; amend provisions
Official Text §19-7-45. Blood tests.
Country/Jurisdiction United States
State or Province Georgia
Regulatory Bodies
Date Enacted

Scope of the Law Health

Taxonomy Exposure

Text of the law

§ 19-7-45.
Said article is further amended by striking in its entirety Code Section 19-7-45, relating to blood tests, and inserting in lieu thereof a new Code Section 19-7-45 to read as follows:
All orders requiring parties to submit to genetic tests shall be issued in conformance with Code Sections 19-7-43 and 19-7-46. In all cases such tests must be conducted by a laboratory certified by the American Association of Blood Banks. When an action to determine paternity is initiated prior to the birth of a child, the court shall order that the genetic tests be made as soon as medically feasible after the birth. The tests shall be performed by a duly qualified licensed practicing physician, duly qualified immunologist, or other qualified person. In all cases, however, the court shall determine the number and qualifications of the experts. In all cases the results shall be made known to all parties at interest as soon as available. An order issued under this Code section is enforceable by contempt, provided that, if the petitioner refuses to submit to an order for a genetic test, the court may dismiss the action upon motion of the respondent." Exposure

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State: Georgia