§2442. Informed consent, Public Health (PBH).

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§2442. Informed consent, Public Health (PBH).
Short Title
Official Text §2442. Informed consent, Public Health (PBH).
Country/Jurisdiction United States
State or Province New York
Regulatory Bodies
Date Enacted

Scope of the Law Health

Taxonomy Exclusion, Interrogation

Text of the law

Section 2442
Informed consent
Public Health (PBH)
No human research may be conducted in this state in the absence of the voluntary informed consent subscribed to in writing by the human subject. If the human subject be a minor, such consent shall be subscribed to in writing by the minor's parent or legal guardian. If the human subject be otherwise legally unable to render consent, such consent shall be subscribed to in writing by such other person as may be legally empowered to act on behalf of the human subject. No such voluntary informed consent shall include any language through which the human subject waives, or appears to waive, any of his legal rights, including any release of any individual, institution or agency, or any agents thereof, from liability for negligence. Interrogation, Exclusion

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