AI Impersonation Through Deepfakes Troubles Bollywood

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AI Impersonation Through Deepfakes Troubles Bollywood
Short Title Deepfake struck Bollywood
Location India
Date November 2023

Solove Harm Disclosure, Appropriation, Distortion, Aggregation
Information Public Life, Social Network, Physical Characteristics
Threat Actors Fan, Journalists, activists

Affected Bollywood celebrities
High Risk Groups Celebrities
Tangible Harms Embarrassment, Anxiety, Inconvenience

The spread of deepfake technology has emerged as a disturbing threat for Bollywood celebrities, as seen in recent cases of fake videos surfacing online without consent. This has prompted legal action from stars and greater interest in contractual protections against AI misuse, though India still lacks regulations to specifically address deepfakes.


Deepfake technology has emerged as a formidable threat for Bollywood celebrities, employing artificial intelligence to easily manipulate videos and images, creating non-consensual fake content. The recent example of a viral deepfake video featuring an actress underscores the alarming potential for the technology to be misused, leading to the distortion of reputations. This scenario aligns with of Disclosure, as deepfakes disclose fabricated narratives about celebrities, impacting their public image without consent. Recognizing the gravity of the situation, a senior actor has called for urgent regulatory oversight and reforms to address this issue, emphasizing the need for legal frameworks.

In response to the deepfake onslaught, Bollywood stars have taken proactive measures, seeking court injunctions to restrict the unauthorized usage of their likeness through deepfakes. This action reflects the of Appropriation, as actors grapple with the unauthorized use of AI to appropriate their images and attributes, prompting legal recourse to safeguard their identities. Moreover, actors are modifying their contracts to explicitly limit filmmakers' ability to alter their personal information, connecting with the of Aggregation as the industry addresses the manipulation of various pieces of personal information. However, the absence of a clear legal framework in India to handle deepfakes poses a significant challenge, highlighting the need for regulatory adaptation to these AI-powered impersonations. As deepfakes transcend flattery or imitation and venture into threatening territory, especially when used for commercial gains or malicious purposes without consent, the article underscores the importance of proactive measures, legal action, and contractual protections, urging celebrities to be vigilant in the absence of stronger regulations. This resonates with the of Distortion, as deepfakes not only manipulate visuals but distort truths, necessitating a collective effort for social awareness and comprehensive solutions to mitigate the disturbing implications of this evolving technology.

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