A Photo of a Woman Crying After Florida School Shooting

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A Photo of a Woman Crying After Florida School Shooting
Short Title The Woman from Famous Photo After School Shooting Says She Hates It
Location Florida
Date February 2018

Solove Harm Surveillance, Exposure, Secondary Use, Appropriation
Information Identifying, Physical Characteristics, Family, Public Life
Threat Actors Photographer, Media

Affected Two mothers
High Risk Groups Crime Victims, Females
Tangible Harms Anxiety, Inconvenience

A photographer took a photo of a grieving mother after Florida school shooting. The woman from the picture says she hates it.


After Florida School shooting two mothers were photographed outside cryingSurveillance. That picture later becomes global and associated with the accidentAppropriation. One of the mothers states she hates the iconic picture which has been posted on multiple platforms which are clearly an example of Exposure.

Laws and Regulations