Abortion Rights in Indonesia

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Abortion Rights in Indonesia
Short Title Abortion in Indonesia is Punished With Jail and Fines
Location Indonesia
Date October 2020

Solove Harm Decisional Interference
Information Medical and Health, Family
Threat Actors Indonsian government

Affected Women in Indonesia
High Risk Groups Pregnant Women, Females
Tangible Harms Incarceration, Financial Cost

Abortion in Indonesia is illegal, except for two exceptions - in the case of a medical emergency, where the woman also has permission from her husband or family, or in the case of pregnancy due to rape.


In Indonesia (as of October 2020) abortions are illegal, with exceptions for only two reasons: (1) where doctors can prove that there are indications of a medical emergency, meaning that abortion is inevitably needed to save the mother’s life, this must be accompanied with the woman's husband or family's permission. (2) pregnancy due to rape that results in psychological trauma to the woman.

This kind of Intrusion into persons life choices can be seen as Decisional Interference from the government’s side.

Based on the Law on Health, all acts of abortions without those reasons can be punished to a maximum of ten years in jail or a fine of IDR 1 billion. Both the medical professionals that provide the abortion and the woman who obtained it can be punished.


Threat: Indonesian government prohibiting abortions making them illegal and penalising it with imprisonment and a fine
At-Risk group: Indonesian women
Harm: Decisional Interference
Secondary Consequences: Incarceration, Financial Cost, Bodily Harm<b

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