Amazon's Alexa Asking Questions

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Amazon's Alexa Asking Questions
Short Title Amazon's Smart Voice Assisntant Alexa Able to Ask Questions
Location Global
Date July 2020

Solove Harm Interrogation, Surveillance, Aggregation
Information Communication, Preference, Behavioral
Threat Actors Amazon

Affected Alexa users
High Risk Groups
Tangible Harms

Alexa is now able to ask follow-up questions.


In 2020, Amazon improved the Hunches feature of its voice assistant Alexa. Hunches were released in 2018 and initially designed to remind the users about things they need to do around the house. For instance, after the person tells Alexa "good night", the device can remind them to lock the door, or let them know, if they left a web-connected product running. This can be interpreted as Aggregation and Surveillance.

The new improvement allows Alexa to have give-and-take conversations with people. Alexa is supposedly going to be able to ask follow-up questions. This can be interpreted as Interrogation.

Laws and Regulations