Amazon Monitors Employees Private Facebook Groups

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Amazon Monitors Employees Private Facebook Groups
Short Title Amazon Has a Sophisticated Program to Monitor and Analyze Employees Private Facebook Groups
Location Global
Date September 2020

Solove Harm Surveillance
Information Behavioral, Identifying, Computer Device
Threat Actors Amazon

Affected Amayon employees
High Risk Groups Employees
Tangible Harms

Amayon was found to have a complex program to track its employees behavior, specifically their closed Facebook groups.


In September 2020 Amazon was found to be having a sophisticated and secret program that is surveilling dozens of private Facebook groups set up by workers.Surveillance

It was found out through because Amazon posted a job ad saying they were hiring an intelligence analyst to identify labor organizers, which went viral. The company said job listing was an error, but some internal documents, reports, and an online tool left on the open internet shows that Amazon has for years had a sophisticated program and team to spy on its workers in closed Facebook groups.

Amazon seemingly asked employees to keep this monitoring secret.


Threat: Amazon monitoring its employees online behaviour
At-Risk group: Amazon employees
Harm: Surveillance
Secondary Consequences: not known

Laws and Regulations

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