Apps With Eavesdropping Software

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Apps With Eavesdropping Software
Short Title Some Apps Include Extra Software to Listen for Recognizable Audio From TV
Location Global
Date December 2017

Solove Harm Surveillance, Aggregation
Information Preference, Communication, Computer Device
Threat Actors Eavesdropping apps, Creators of eavesdropping software

Affected Users of apps that have eavesdropping software
High Risk Groups Children, Elderly
Tangible Harms Inconvenience, Embarrassment

Some apps might include software that is designed to eavesdrop on what the user is watching on TV.


Apps might use the smartphone's microphone to track what the user is watching/listening on the TV.Surveillance This is possible thanks to extra software that’s designed to listen for recognizable audio from TVs, including specific shows and commercials. The data is valuable because it shows users TV habits, and if combined with larger amounts of data, or other categories of information, can be used for targeted advertisement.Aggregation Alphonso is one company that provides this type of service to app developers. The company also told the media that its software is running on about 1,000 different apps.

Laws and Regulations