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45 Million Medical Files LeakedDecember 2020
A Lifeguard is Forced to Wear A Speedo Instead of a Thigh Covering Swimsuit2007
A Man Gets Arrested After Facebook Translated His Post Wrongly2017
A Photo of a Woman Crying After Florida School ShootingFebruary 2018
AI Accuses Wrong Person of Police Brutality in BelarusSeptember 2020
AIRprint Fingerprint Recognition From a Distance2011
Abortion Rights in IndonesiaOctober 2020
Abusers Using Smartphones to Track VictimsSeptember 2014
Access to Face Recognition Search of Moscow Cameras System Is For SaleNovember 2020
AccuWeather App Stealing Location DataAugust 2017
Advertising Agency Uses Geofencing to Target Women Near Abortion Centers2017
Airport Facial Recognition Systems2018
Al Jazeera Journalists Phones Hack by NSO’s SpywareDecember 2020
Alexa Installed In Apartments Before People Move InSeptember 2020
Allstate’s Insurance Pricing Algorithm Based on Non-Risk Factors2013
Amazon Extending Prime into Whole Foods2017
Amazon Gives Access to Alexa Recordings to a Wrong User2018
Amazon Monitors Employees Private Facebook GroupsSeptember 2020
Amazon's Alexa Asking QuestionsJuly 2020
Amazon’s Ring Security Camera2020 Genealogy Company Giving Access to Its Database to the Police2015
Android Listens to Everyday House SoundsOctober 2020
Android Sharing User Physical Activity With Third Party AppsOctober 2017
Animal Agriculture Industry Tracks and Punishes CriticsOctober 2020
Anthem Data Breach2014
App Spied on Belarusian ProtestersAugust 2020
Apple's Sexist Credit CardNovember 2019
Apps Sending Personal Information to FacebookDecember 2018
Apps With Eavesdropping SoftwareDecember 2017
Attempt to Extort Toronto Hospital Using Stolen Patient DataOctober 2020
Attorney-Client Calls by JailsJuly 2020
Australian News-Sharing Platform Leaks 80 Thousand User RecordsOctober 2020
Australian Police Fly Drones Monitoring How People Obey Anti COVID19 MeasuresAugust 2020
Australian Scanned Drivers Licenses Database Leak
Australian Security Cameras HackedJune 2020
Automated Tenants Background ChecksMay 2020
Baltimore Police Flies Planes With CamerasJuly 2019
Belarusian Hackers Leaked Police Personal InformationSeptember 2020
Bluetooth Low Energy Data Transfer Technology2010
Bolsa Familia Social Welfare Program in BrazilOctober 2020
Brainwave Tracking of Students in Class2017
Brave Browser Affiliate Referral SchemeJune 2020
Cambridge Analytica and Facebook Scandal2016
Canada Revenue Agency Credential Stuffing AttackAugust 2020
Car Companies Tracking Drivers With AI2020
Cashier in the Supermarket Asking for Postal CodeOctober 2020
Cellebrite Hackers Help United States Law Enforcement Hack Peoples PhonesSeptember 2020
Central Health Employee Accessed Patient DataJuly 2020
Charges Dismissed for Following Women with a CameraApril 2020
Child Safety Smartwatches Easy to Hack2017
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