Australian News-Sharing Platform Leaks 80 Thousand User Records

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Australian News-Sharing Platform Leaks 80 Thousand User Records
Short Title Snewpit News Sharing Platform form Australia Leaks 80 Thousands of User Records
Location Australia
Date October 2020

Taxonomy Insecurity
Information Identifying, Physical Characteristics, Behavioral, Contact
Threat Actors Snewpit

Affected Snewpit users
High Risk Groups
Secondary Consequences

Australian news sharing app was found to have leaked personal information of nearly 80 thousands of users, including their picture and videos.


In October 2020 a team of security researchers has disclosed that Snewpit, an Australian news-sharing platform, has leaked close to 80,000 users records. Insecurity The exposed data housed in an unsecured Amazon Web Services (AWS) server includes usernames, full names, email addresses, profile pictures and videos.

Snewpit, which secured the records on the same day when researchers disclosed their findings. The AWS bucket, however, was exposed for five weeks, meaning any individuals with direct access to the link could have accessed and downloaded the data.


Threat: Snewpit not protecting platforms visitors data form leaks
At-Risk group: Snewpit app users
Harm: Insecurity
Secondary Consequences: not known

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