Australian Scanned Drivers Licenses Database Leak

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Australian Scanned Drivers Licenses Database Leak
Short Title Database With Over 54 Thousands Scanned Australian Driver’s Licenses Leaked
Location New South Wales, Australia

Information Identifying, Demographic, Physical Characteristics
Threat Actors Transport for New South Wales

Affected Drivers in New South Wales
High Risk Groups Driver
Secondary Consequences

A security researcher found a leaked database on an open AWS S3 bucket that contained more than 54000 scanned drivers licenses of people in New South Wales, Australia.


In August 2020 tens of thousands of scanned New South Wales (Australia) driver's licenses and completed tolling notice statutory declarations were left exposed on an open Amazon Web Services storage instance. Transport for NSW doesn't know how the sensitive personal data ended up in the cloud. This is an example of Insecurity.

The open AWS S3 bucket was found by a Security Researcher, as part of an investigation into another data breach. A spokesperson for Transport for NSW said the agency is working with Cyber Security NSW to investigate the case.


Threat: Transport for NSW not protecting drivers information from leaks
At-Risk group: drivers in New South Wales
Harm: Insecurity
Secondary Consequences: not known

Risk Statistics

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