Belarusian Hackers Leaked Police Personal Information

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Belarusian Hackers Leaked Police Personal Information
Short Title Belarusian “Cyberguerrillas" Hacked Into the Base of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Employees
Location Belarus
Date September 2020

Taxonomy Insecurity, Blackmail
Information Identifying, Physical Characteristics, Contact, Professional
Threat Actors Belarusian hackers, Ministry of Inernal Affairs of Belarus

Affected Belarusian MIA employees
High Risk Groups Law Enforcement Officer
Secondary Consequences

Belarusian hackers who call themselves cyberguerrillas hacked into the database of the Ministry of Internal Affairs containing personal information of the Ministry employees. The database was then published as a response to police brutality against protesters in Belarus.


In late summer and fall 2020 after presidential elections hundreds of thousands of Belarusians went on the streets to protest election falsifications and police brutality, after the Central Electoral Committee announced the victory of the president Lukashenko (who has been in power since 1994) with allegedly more than 80% of votes.

Secret and riot police who were responsible for the unlawful arrests and detentions and brutality against protesters were avoiding any identification (e.g. starting beating up protesters without introducing themselves or showing documents, wearing uniform without showing their police ID number, wearing face masks, etc).

On September 11, a popular Belarusian Telegram channel NEXTA published news, that a group of hackers, who call themselves "cyberguerrillas" (kiberpartyzany) were able to hack and steal a database from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, containing personal information of a few dozens of thousands of Ministry employees. Insecurity

The authors of the NEXTA channel then publicly blackmailed the police officers with publishing the detailed personal information from that database if the police brutality doesn’t stop immideately.

A few days after the information started being published by NEXTA, as promised.


Threat: Ministry of Internal Affairs not protecting database with personal information of its employees from unauthorised access
At-Risk group: Belarus police officers
Harm: Insecurity
Secondary Consequences: not known

Threat: The authors of the NEXTA channel threatening to publish police officers personal information if they dont stop the violence against protesters
At-Risk group: Belarus police officers
Harm: Blackmail
Secondary Consequences: not known

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