Companies Stealing Influencers’ Faces

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Companies Stealing Influencers’ Faces
Short Title Fast Fashion Companies Are Using Influencers' Faces For Marketing Without Persmission
Location Global
Date 2020

Taxonomy Appropriation
Information Physical Characteristics, Identifying
Threat Actors Fast fashion sellers

Affected Influencers
High Risk Groups Celebrities
Secondary Consequences

Images of Influencers are often stolen by companies to sell other people’s products.


As influencer marketing has grown in popularity over the past years image theft has became a problem for many Instagreammers and YouTubers. Influencers often complain about companies (often fast fashion companies) copying their looks and using their photos (often with their faces cropped out) to sell cheap knockoffs. This is an example of Appropriation.

It happened to YouTuber Bernadette Banner, who makes historical sewing videos. She found that a fast fashion company was advertising one of her dresses—a 15th century gown she had copied from a painting and hand-sewn over the course of over 250 hours—with her (headless) image for $40.98, which is not even half of her materials cost.

Risk Statistics

Laws and Regulations