Decisional Interference

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Decisional interference is a form of INVASION privacy harm under the Solove taxonomy. It can be defined as "intruding into an individual's decision making regarding their private affairs."

Additional comments

Altering a person's decision can come in one of several forms. Coercion is the limiting of choices, such that alternatives, which may be preferable to the individual, are not presented. An entire methodology exist in presenting choices, called choice architecture. Manipulation occurs when psychological techniques are used to change an individual's decisions. Manipulation may be for positive social or individual reasons (getting your kids to eat their vegetables) but is generally disfavored when the manipulation is for the sole or primary benefit of the manipulator. Persuasion generally has positive connotations and involves using logic, reason or other methods to persuade a person of a better course of action. Decisional interference is not about ignoring or disregarding a person's decision but actually about changing their position.


Laws and Regulations

The following laws and regulations address the Decisional Interference harm.

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