Digital Harassment After an Online Affair

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Digital Harassment After an Online Affair
Short Title Courntey Allen Was Harassed By Todd Zonis After She Broke Off an Online Affair With Him
Location United States
Date November 2017

Solove Harm Intrusion, Exposure, Disclosure, Increased Accessibility
Information Identifying, Sexual, Physical Characteristics, Contact, Location, Public Life, Family, Social Network
Threat Actors Ex-online-boyfriend

Affected A woman
High Risk Groups Females
Tangible Harms Changed Behavior, Anxiety, Financial Cost, Ostracism, Loss of Trust, Embarrassment

After a woman decided to break off her online affair, her digital life was used to harass her and her family.


A man, who was being cheated on decided to disclose the truth to the family involved in an effort to save his marriage. The man with whom his wife had an online affair was outraged and started to harass both of them online by sending horrible emails to the couple and all those that knew them. Increased Accessibility Intrusion He also exposed the woman's nudes in hopes of destroying her reputation and began spreading misleading information about the couple.Exposure Disclosure Increased Accessibility

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