EasyJet Cyber Attack

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EasyJet Cyber Attack
Short Title The Cyber Attack on EasyJet Customers Personal Information
Location Global
Date May 2020

Solove Harm Insecurity, Interrogation
Information Contact, Credit, Location, Behavioral
Threat Actors EasyJet

Affected EasyJet customers
High Risk Groups
Tangible Harms

EasyJet customers' personal information was compromised in a security breach.


British budget airline easyJet announced a data breach in May 2020. Insecurity

The email addresses and travel details of millions of passengers were compromised — as well as the credit card details of some 2,000. Some media reported the attack was conducted by the very same group of Chinese hackers responsible for other attacks on a number of airlines in earlier in 2020.

The company notified the affected individuals by May 26 and publicly apologised for the Insecurity.

Hackers probing for the personal information through easyJet systems can be interpreted as Interrogation.

Laws and Regulations


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