Gait Recognition Technology by Watrix

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Gait Recognition Technology by Watrix
Short Title Watrix AI Creates a Gait Recognition Technology
Location China
Date 2018

Taxonomy Identification
Information Physical Characteristics, Identifying
Threat Actors Watrix AI

Affected People in Chinese cities
High Risk Groups
Secondary Consequences

Beijing-based company Watrix AI has developed a technology to identify people by their gait, using a laser-based system.


Watrix is a company known for creating the first commercialized gait recognition technology. Using a laser-based system it can identify individuals based on their gait features.

Compared with other biometrics such as the face, gait features are obtainable and recognizable at a distance. With Watrix technology Identification of an individual is possible even with a low-resolution video shot with an ordinary 2K camera. Other special characteristics of this technology are non-contact, long-distance (50 meters), cross-view (360°) recognition range with no need to involve face information, and non-dependency on lighting conditions. Gait recognition technology is capable of identifying people from any angle without them even being aware.Identification

The average recognition rate of Watrix technology can reach 94.1% Watrix has also created the largest gait database.

Some Chinese cities are already piloting this tracking system.

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