Geofencing Used To Monitor Antiracism Protesters

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Geofencing Used To Monitor Antiracism Protesters
Short Title University of North Carolina Campus Police Used Geofencing to Monitor Antiracism Protesters
Location North Carolina, United States
Date August 2020

Solove Harm Interrogation, Aggregation
Information Location, Social Network, Behavioral, Computer Device
Threat Actors North Carolina state investigators, Law Enforcement

Affected Protest goers in North Carolina
High Risk Groups Students, Suspect
Tangible Harms

UNC college police and stage investigators used the geofencing technology to monitor activists who showed up for a protest at a campus Confederate memorial known as "Silent Sam" — a statue of a gun-wielding rebel soldier.


In August 2020 state investigators and college police of the University of North Carolina used a controversial tracking technology called "geofencing" to collect personal information from the cellphones of antiracism protestors at the University of North Carolina.

The technology located any cellphones that cross into the area where the investigators knew the protests will take place (statue of Silent Sam), by locking onto their geolocation systems, which can be seen as probing person's phone for information. Interrogation

They then aggregated this information with captured social media posts of people entering the area calling it "some link analysis on social media”.

A university spokesperson confirmed that the campus police continue to use geofencing, but would not say for what.


Threat:State investigators and college police probing the phones of anyone who enters geofenced areas for personal info
At-Risk group: Protesters
Harm: Interrogation
Secondary Consequences: not known


Threat: State investigators and college police cross referencing personal information collected through geofencing technology with people’s social media posts
At-Risk group: Protesters
Harm: Aggregation
Secondary Consequences: not known

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