Mayor Reading Names and Addresses of People on Facebook Live

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Mayor Reading Names and Addresses of People on Facebook Live
Short Title Mayor of St.Louis Read Names and Addresses of People on Facebook Live
Location St.Louis
Date June 2020

Solove Harm Disclosure, Increased Accessibility
Information Identifying, Location, Contact
Threat Actors Mayor of St.Louis, Facebook

Affected People of St.Louis who submitted letters to the mayor
High Risk Groups Political Activists
Tangible Harms

Mayor of St.Louis read names and addresses of people who submitted letters to her advocating to defund the police.


In June 2020 during a Facebook Live mayor of St.Louis Lyda Krewson read about 10 names and partial addresses of people who were advocating for defunding the police.Disclosure

The information came from the letters submitted to the mayor from people who were earlier demonstrating in front of the city hall.

Even though the letters submitted to Krewson are public and can be available to anyone requesting, broadcasting personal information of the senders on Facebook can be interpreted as Increased Accessibility.

This was done in the context of mayors tri-weekly updates to the public during the global COVID19 pandemic, in an effort to be transparent.

She then has apologised for publishing personal information of these people, and the video was deleted from Facebook.

Laws and Regulations

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