Microsoft User Asked for More Personal Information With New Computer

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Microsoft User Asked for More Personal Information With New Computer
Short Title Microsoft Asks for More Personal Data if One Wants to Continue Using Offline Office on New Computer
Location Global
Date July 2020

Taxonomy Interrogation, Decisional Interference, Identification, Aggregation
Information Authenticating, Identifying, Contact
Threat Actors Microsoft

High Risk Groups
Secondary Consequences

Microsoft probes its users for personal information by the setup of a new computer. It also doesn't allow users reinstall their previously purchased Microsoft software (Office) on the new computer without giving up more personal information.


A person bought a new computer and while setting it up was asked at least 5 different requests to provide personal information to Microsoft. Interrogation

The OS wouldn’t let them reinstall their old owned offline version of Office 365 into the new computer without them signing in to their Microsoft account, downloading Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant and then deleting the Office 365 on the old computer.Decisional Interference

They then tried to upload the old Office (which they used on 3 previous laptops), but online verification was no longer available, so they had to call in to get phone verification.This allows Microsoft to also know user phone number linked to a phone verification code.Identification Aggregation

Risk Statistics

Laws and Regulations

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