Nude Photos Without Models Consent

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Nude Photos Without Models Consent
Short Title Photographer Publishes a Book With Nude Models Without Their Consent
Location New York, New York
Date September 2020

Taxonomy Exposure
Information Physical Characteristics, Identifying
Threat Actors A male photographer

Affected Models
High Risk Groups Females
Secondary Consequences Embarrassment

A male photographer publishes a book with nude photos of models against their will.


A New York based male photographer is publishing a book with his works, where he portrays women in nude.Exposure According to the screenshots of the online conversations with the photographer, that some of the models posted, the photos were taken years before the book is published. Some of the women express that they are ashamed of the photos, that the photos were taken when they were too young and they regret their choice and dont want them published. However, the photographer insists that he owns the rights for the pictures because back then when they were shot he got written and oral consent.


Threat: Photographer posts nude photos pf models
At-Risk group: Models
Harm: Exposure
Secondary Consequences: Anxiety, Embarrassment

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