PS5 Recording Players Voice When They Get a Trophy

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PS5 Recording Players Voice When They Get a Trophy
Short Title PlayStation5 Records Players Voice Through Their Microphone Once They Unlock a Trophy
Location Global
Date December 2020

Taxonomy Surveillance
Information Behavioral, Communication, Computer Device
Threat Actors PlayStation5

Affected PlayStation5 Users
High Risk Groups Children
Secondary Consequences

PS5 found recording both a video and audio form the microphone of the player, if they unlock a trophy. This is done without users agreeing to it.


One Reddit user realised that while playing Demon’s Souls game, PlayStation 5 recorded a short video of him unlocking the Trophy. And since he had his microphone on, his audio was recorded as well. Users may not know that it also captures the voice. This is an example of Surveillance.


Threat: PlayStation 5 recording audio of players microphones when they unlock a trophy
At-Risk group:PlayStation 5 players
Harm: Surveillance
Secondary Consequences: not known

Risk Statistics

Laws and Regulations

Sources microphone records your voice when you get a trophy