Personal Information Of Voters in Russia Was Compromised

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Personal Information Of Voters in Russia Was Compromised
Short Title Personal Information Of Voters on the Amendments to the Constitution in Russia Was Compromised and Put on Sale
Location Russia
Date July 2020

Taxonomy Insecurity, Aggregation, Increased Accessibility, Disclosure
Information Identifying, Public Life, Preference, Credit
Threat Actors Election Committee in Russia, Unidentified hackers

Affected Voters in Russia
High Risk Groups Voters
Secondary Consequences

Large database with personal information about voters in Russia was first leaked and then found for sale on the internet.


In July 2020 some fraudsters on the Internet were found trying to monetize the data of the participants of the electronic voting on the amendments to the Constitution, which took place in Russia from June 25 to July 1. The leak of the data was known since July 2020, when journalists were able to get access to the database through an open link. Insecurity

The hackers were selling the data at thematic forums.Increased Accessibility Disclosure The database of 1.1 million lines is sold at $1.5 per each line and is in demand. Based on the passport numbers, the attacker offers to update his existing databases at the request of buyers - for example, to add there the name, insurance number and tax ID, credit history data. Aggregation

The media contacted one of the sellers and were able to get an example of data - a screenshot with full name, Tax ID and data on registered companies of that person.

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