Photographer Snaps Intimate Texts of Strangers

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Photographer Snaps Intimate Texts of Strangers
Short Title Street Photographer Has Been Taking Secret Pictures of New Yorkers‘ Texts
Location New York, New York
Date July 2020

Taxonomy Disclosure, Exposure, Surveillance, Aggregation, Increased Accessibility
Information Communication
Threat Actors A street photographer

Affected People in New York
High Risk Groups Pregnant Women, Medical Patient
Secondary Consequences

A street photographer has been taking secret pictures of New Yorkers‘ text messages and posting on his Instagram account and then published a book with those pictures.


New York City street photographer has been secretly taking pictures of New Yorkers‘ text messages with his own phone.Surveillance The images were initially shared on his Instagram accountIncreased Accessibility, but then this collection has been gathered together in a new photo book.Aggregation Disclosure

Text messages he shared in his pictures contain a lot of intimate information, such as people slagging off their yoga teachers, discussing the logistics of anal sex, and worrying if the sausages in their fridge are still okay to eat, friends supporting one another through chemotherapyExposure, and sharing the news of a new pregnancy.

Risk Statistics

Laws and Regulations