Police Drone Over a Public Beach

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Police Drone Over a Public Beach
Short Title Police Flew Drone Over a Public Beach To Identify People in the Nude
Location Minnesota
Date July 2020

Taxonomy Surveillance, Identification, Intrusion
Information Physical Characteristics, Ethnicity, Identifying, Location
Threat Actors Law Enforcement

Affected People at Twin Lake beach
High Risk Groups Ethnic Minority
Secondary Consequences Financial Cost

Law enforcement in Minnesota flew a drone over a hidden public beach to identify people who were sunbathing in nude.


In July 2020 Golden Valley Police Department used a drone at Twin Lake on a hidden beach. It flew over the public to see if there are people in the nude.Surveillance

They then sent seven officers down to ticket topless sunbathers.Identification

People who were at the beach that day described a calm day, until a drone appeared in the sky. Seven officers from GVPD and Minneapolis Parks Police showed up and started approaching people at the beach, which is an example of Intrusion.

Department claimed this had to do with the fact that they have received more than a dozen complaints that year "regarding people being nude, drinking alcohol or doing drugs at the beach."

The officers started targeting Black people on the beach first.

Risk Statistics

Laws and Regulations


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