Privately Installed Cameras in San Francisco

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Privately Installed Cameras in San Francisco
Short Title A Tech Executive Installing Security Cameras Around San Francisco
Location San Francisco
Date July 2020

Solove Harm Surveillance
Information Behavioral, Identifying, Physical Characteristics
Threat Actors A tech executive in San Francisco, Applied Video Solutions

Affected San Francisco residents
High Risk Groups
Tangible Harms

One tech executive is sponsoring a network of high definition security cameras in San Francisco.


In July 2020 one tech executive appeared to sponsor private network of high-definition security cameras around the city.

Neighbors in San Francisco band together and decide where to put the cameras. They are installed on private property at the discretion of the property owner. The footage is monitored by the neighborhood coalition. The cameras are always recording. Surveillance

This network is sponsored by one person, who writes checks for nearly $4 million to buy cameras that record high-definition video of the streets and pays to have them maintained by a company called Applied Video Solutions. The rest is up to locals in neighborhood coalitions like Community Benefit Districts, nonprofits formed to provide services to the area.

He sees it as an alternative system of urban security, and he hopes it becomes a model for other cities.

The reason behind it is that while violent crime is not high in San Francisco, property crime is a constant headache.

Laws and Regulations