Revenge Porn

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Revenge Porn
Short Title Revenge Porn is Devoted to Humiliating Women With Shaming Comments Under Their Nude Photos
Location Global
Date August 2019

Taxonomy Exposure, Disclosure, Interrogation, Increased Accessibility, Identification
Information Physical Characteristics, Identifying, Contact
Threat Actors, Cloudfare, People posting revenge porn

Affected Women, who's images are posted as revenge porn
High Risk Groups Females, Celebrities
Secondary Consequences Anxiety, Ostracism, Loss of Trust, Lost Opportunity

Revenge porn is very resilient on the dark web. There are many cases of female nude photos being posted online for the purpose of humiliation and harassment.

Description us a site devoted to humiliating women with shaming comments under their nude photos.Exposure Cloudflare was known to serve as a proxy server for the site.

Pink Meth allowed people to submit revenge porn anonymously. Some posts included contact information and links to social media profiles of the victims.Increased AccessibilityDisclosureIdentification The site also had a section where victims were encouraged to write an account of how their images were likely obtained in order to get their pictures removed, and further embarrass themselves in the process. This is an example of Interrogation.

One of the many victims of revenge porn described her experiences to the media, saying when she told a good friend about this ordeal, he said that if he had children, he would not let them near her. Her doctor compared her trauma to bad reviews he had once received on Yelp. A professor called her a publicity whore. She was eventually hospitalized after spending a whole year in bed.

Among other known cases of revenge porn is a British YouTube star who won a substantial sum in a lawsuit, an anonymous law student who obtained a $6.45 million civil judgment against her perpetrator and a movie star who saw her perpetrator receive a 9-month prison sentence and much more unknown ones. An actress and activist Amber Heard said, more than 50 of her personal photos were stolen and released to the public, sometimes in manipulated form and often accompanied by sexually explicit and degrading comments.

Risk Statistics

Laws and Regulations

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