Smart Billboards Used For Targeted Ads

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Smart Billboards Used For Targeted Ads
Short Title Digital Billboards Target Passersby Through Cellphone Data
Location United States
Date August 2018

Taxonomy Surveillance, Secondary Use, Aggregation
Information Behavioral, Preference, Location, Computer Device
Threat Actors Customers of Five Tier, Five Tier

Affected Passersby of smart billboards
High Risk Groups
Secondary Consequences

Marketing software companies such as Five Tier are using digital billboards to better target ads to passersby based on their precise location.


More and more of so called smart billboards are popping up around the U.S.

Marketing software companies such as Five Tier used them for targeted advertising. They can tell which cellphones are near their billboards. The billboards themselves have sensorsSurveillance, and companies also buy location data from cellphone carriers. Secondary Use

Such marketing software companies know a lot about who sees the ads on their billboards. They know age, race, gender, credit scores, lifestyle preferences. They know what individuals have been doing before; sometimes even what they’ve been doing before, during and after they look at the billboard. This helps serving more targeted ads and is an example of Aggregation.

According to a CEO of five Tier, the amount of data that can be pulled in is really infinite at this point. With mobile devices - latitude, longitude, altitude; if someone's in an elevator, changing an ad based on the floor that they're on in the elevator.

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