Tim Hortons Breakfast Restaurant App

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Tim Hortons Breakfast Restaurant App
Short Title Tim Hortons Mobile App Tracking User Location
Location Canada
Date July 2020

Taxonomy Surveillance, Exclusion
Information Identifying, Computer Device, Location, Behavioral
Threat Actors Tim Hortons

Affected Tim Hortons app users
High Risk Groups
Secondary Consequences

Tim Hortons mobile app was found to track user location data even at times when app wasn't open or active.


Tim Hortons is a Canadian chain of breakfast restaurants.

In July 2020, an investigation of the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada showed that the company's app was frequently receiving updates on user location in the form of specific GPS coordinates, even at times when the app was not open or active.Surveillance

For more than a year, the coffee chain has been tracking the movements of customers in exact detail through its mobile ordering app. Users had no way of knowing this was happening, which can be interpreted as Exclusion. The app silently logged the coordinates and relayed them back to its corporate servers.

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