To Trace COVID-19 Patient Contacts At Risk

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Short Title A Startup Is Using AI To Trace COVID-19 Patient Contacts At Risk
Location California
Date March 2020

Taxonomy Aggregation, Surveillance, Identification
Information Physical Characteristics, Location, Identifying
Threat Actors

Affected Anyone passing ba CCTV cameras
High Risk Groups Medical Patient
Secondary Consequences was found to be using AI in connection with CCTV videos to identify people and trace COVID19 patients contacts.


A Californian startup utilizes artificial intelligence to analyze video using 2000 different attributes of a person, except their face. Aggregation

Through computer vision and simple CCTV camerasSurveillance, the technology uses a person’s defining features, as well as their accessories and apparel, while blurring out faces (allegedly to maintain anonymity) and eliminate racial bias. Backpacks, clothing, hair color, height and other descriptive factors can be just as effective in identifying people. Even thought the company claims they don't analyze faces to maintain anonymity, this software is developed to identify people, which is an example of Identification. The current accuracy rate, the founders say, is 98%.

Governments around the world are getting in touch with them to learn how Traces can be used to identify people who have come into contact with virus patients.

Risk Statistics

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