Wisconsin Green Act to Find Troubled Veterans

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Wisconsin Green Act to Find Troubled Veterans
Short Title Wisconsin Statewide Call-Out to Find Missing Troubled Veterans
Location Wisconsin
Date april 2019

Solove Harm Disclosure, Increased Accessibility, Intrusion
Information Identifying, Physical Characteristics, Contact, Medical and Health, Behavioral
Threat Actors State of Wisconsin, Families of missing veterans, Friends or caregivers of missing veterans

Affected Missing veterans experiencing psychological issues
High Risk Groups Mentally Disabled
Tangible Harms Changed Behavior, Anxiety, Embarrassment, Inconvenience

Wisconsin created the Green Act, according to which, personal information of a troubled missing veteran is disclosed on the radio, television, electronic billboards across the state.


In 2019 Wisconsin created the Green Alert - a statewide call-out when family, friends or caregivers report a troubled veteran is missing.

Some veterans said to the media, they experienced suddenly finding their name, license plate number and mental health information broadcast on the radio, television and posted on electronic billboards across the stateIncreased Accessibility as part of a "Green Alert".

This new Wisconsin law allows authorities to put that information out the same way an AMBER Alert publicizes missing children or a Silver Alert does for people with cognitive impairment. Disclosure

Veterans shared, it felt very violating, because they didn't want anyone who doesn't know them to know they have problems.

Another affected individual reported, that it probably helped find them, but questioned whether it actually helped them. They also said, they still face on a daily basis a constant barrage of questions about their personal life. For example, people approach them with questions in the middle of a meal in a restaurant, which is an example of Intrusion.

The Wisconsin law is called the Corey Adams Searchlight Act. It's the first Green Alert to take effect (green for the color of military fatigues) though many states are considering the program.

Laws and Regulations