Woman Falsely Accused of Racism

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Woman Falsely Accused of Racism
Short Title Internet Mobding Video Falsely Accusing Woman of Being Racist
Location Minnesota
Date May 2019

Taxonomy Distortion, Increased Accessibility, Intrusion
Information Physical Characteristics, Identifying, Behavioral
Threat Actors Men filming the woman, Social media, Social media users reposting the video

Affected A woman
High Risk Groups Females
Secondary Consequences Anxiety, Ostracism, Bodily Injury, Lost Opportunity, Inconvenience

A woman confronted a group of black customers for not paying at the restaurant, was filmed and accused of being racist for that.


In May 2019 a female worker of Chipotle made accusations to a group of black male customers, who were known for not paying at this place before. Two days before the incident, she said, their credit cards had been declined when they lined up to pay. She had also been warned about them not paying before, and seen video footage of them "dining and dashing." She told them “You gotta' pay 'cause you never have money when you come in". One of the men filmed the confrontation and posted it with a comment, accusing the woman of being racist. This can be seen as Distortion.

The morning after that the video of the incident was circulating on the Internet, and many other people online were accusing her of being racist. Strangers were calling her nasty names on social media, her photo was plastered across internet news sites. The video and the comments were presenting her refusing to serve a group of black men at the restaurant the previous evening. The video of the confrontation was watched at least 7 million times and re-tweeted at least 30,000 times within two days. The incident was covered by media organizations such as ABC News and Fox News. Increased Accessibility

She told the media she didn't feel good after finding out the video went viral, her body went numb and she experienced a panic attack. She then fell from her chair and collapsed. She was also fired after the video went viral, although rehired later. People started stalking her on social media and leaving accusing and bullying messages to her. This is an example of Intrusion.

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