Woman Sues Her Parents For "Sharenting"

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Woman Sues Her Parents For "Sharenting"
Short Title An 18-year-old Woman Sues Her Parents For Sharing Her Childhood Photos Online
Location Austria
Date September 2016

Taxonomy Exposure, Increased Accessibility
Information Identifying, Physical Characteristics
Threat Actors Parents sharing their children photos online

Affected Children, who's parents post their pictures
High Risk Groups Children
Secondary Consequences Embarrassment, Changed Behavior

“Sharenting” — the phenomenon of sharing photographs, embarrassing stories, and other personal information about one’s children online — has become commonplace.


In 2016 an 18-year-old woman in Austria sued her parents over their posting of 500 images of her without her consent.

She said to the media, every stage of her childhood was photographed and then made public. The pictures included her sitting on the toilet and lying naked in her cot. Exposure

The images were shared with her parents’ 700 Facebook friends.Increased Accessibility

Risk Statistics

Laws and Regulations