Disappearance of British woman: Privacy Concerns and Police Transparency

Disappearance of British woman: Privacy Concerns and Police Transparency
Short Title Disappearance of British woman
Location St. Michael’s on Wyre, Lancashire, United Kingdom
Date January 27, 2023

Solove Harm Insecurity, Breach of Confidentiality, Disclosure, Exposure
Information Medical and Health, Physical Characteristics, Sexual, Names, Family
Threat Actors Lancashire Constabulary (police force)

Affected Victim (the missing woman) and her family members
High Risk Groups Elderly, Children
Tangible Harms Anxiety, Change of Behavior, Embarrassment, Suicide, Employment, Health Risks, Housing, Loss of Trust, Lost Opportunity

The Lancashire police's release of personal details regarding a missing woman's struggles with alcohol and menopause during her disappearance has triggered a national debate on privacy and trust in law enforcement.


A woman, a 45-year-old mortgage adviser, went missing on January 27, 2023, in Lancashire. The Lancashire Constabulary, after three weeks of investigation, disclosed intimate details about her past struggles with alcohol, exacerbated by ongoing menopausal issues. This unprecedented move has ignited public outrage, with critics questioning the relevance and necessity of such personal disclosures during an ongoing missing persons case. Experts express concerns about the potential harm to public trust in the police, already strained due to recent scandals. There are also worries about a chilling effect on families reporting missing persons in the future. The case highlights broader issues surrounding the treatment of women by the police within the context of the existing crisis of trust in law enforcement in the UK.

There's a serious issue of insecurity as the police force failed to safeguard the private information of a woman. This breach of confidentiality occurred when the police force, breaking their promise to keep information confidential, disclosed sensitive details about a missing woman. This disclosure not only impacts the woman's personal security but also exposes her struggles with alcohol and menopause which is resulting in its exposure, creating a situation that compromises her privacy and potentially causes harm

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