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This is the coolest Wiki dedicated to Privacy!

(but not the only one)

This Wiki is organized around the Solove Taxonomy which breaks privacy into four broad categories ( information processing, information dissemination, collection, and invasion) and sixteen individual harms (or privacy violations). It currently includes United States Federal Laws as well as over three hundred State Laws. In addition to laws and regulations, you can find copious news stories of every type of privacy harm under the taxonomy.

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Solove Taxonomy

Daniel Solove's taxonomy is the most comprehensive framework for privacy. His framework derived four categories of privacy harms:

Aggregation Breach of Confidentiality Surveillance Intrusion
Insecurity Disclosure Interrogation Decisional Interference
Identification Exposure
Secondary Use Increased Accessibility
Exclusion Blackmail

To learn more about Solove Taxonomy, please visit our most impressive Taxonomy page: Taxonomy

United States Privacy Laws

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Volunteer Editors

While most state laws that touch on privacy issues are already in the Wiki, volunteers will keep the states current.

To learn more about how to join the Privacy Wiki as State Editors, please reach out to our Chief Legal Editor. We are excited to see you as a Legal State Editor in the Wiki!

We hope to expand into other jurisdictions (such as the EU) in the near future!

Discussion group

We also have a privacy wiki discussion group! Please go to to join. This discussion group is used to ask questions, ask for help (e.g. if you're an editor), share ideas, e.g. on best practices for editing the Wiki.


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