AI Being Used to Spread Misinformation and How It Can Affect the Presidential Election

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AI Being Used to Spread Misinformation and How It Can Affect the Presidential Election
Short Title AI: The Spread of Misinformation and the Election
Location United States of America
Date July 2023

Solove Harm Distortion, Decisional Interference
Information Public Life, Preference
Threat Actors Open AI, Artificial Intelligence, Internet Users, Deepfake creators

Affected Politicians, Government Position Candidates, Public Figures, Influencers, Voters
High Risk Groups Candidate, Voters
Tangible Harms Loss of Trust

Artificial intelligence is being used to generate and spread misinformation which can affect the election.


Artificial intelligence has been growing rapidly over the past year, and powerful services like ChatGPT have become easily accessible to the public. The increased accessibility of AI can be used for good, but there are concerns about how it will be used to spread misinformation in the next election. It can be used to create deep fake videos of candidates and mimic their voice into saying things they've never said. It looks believable enough at a glance that most people might take it as real, instead of looking into it further and fact checking it. Fake images can also be generated with a quick prompt and the click of a button. Fake news can be mass produced and spread over the internet quicker than ever because there is no need for a person with the skills to create it. With the addition of fake news also comes the mistrust of all information. People will either take everything they see at face value and believe it, which is bad if they are consuming misinformation. Or they will dismiss everything they read as fake news because they can't trust anything they read. AI articles are getting better at writing like a human and could trick those who don't suspect it. There is an AI Bill of Rights, but, as of September 2023, there is nothing about stopping the spread of misinformation with the use of AI. Services also don't have strict policies to enforce on users who spread misinformation.

Laws and Regulations

AI Bill of Rights