An App Meant to Stalk Instagram Profiles

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An App Meant to Stalk Instagram Profiles
Short Title An App Meant to Stalk Instagram Profiles
Location United States
Date November 7, 2023

Solove Harm Intrusion, Exposure
Information Profile Information, Blocking Status, Some personal info, Social Network
Threat Actors Wrapped for Instagram

Affected Instagram Users
High Risk Groups Children and Vulnerable Individuals, Influencers
Tangible Harms Potential for identity theft, Reputational Damage, Potential Misuse of Personal Data

The article discusses the controversy surrounding the third-party app "Wrapped for Instagram," which claims to reveal user statistics but has raised concerns about potential privacy violations and data accuracy.


The article delves into the viral popularity and controversy surrounding the third-party app "Wrapped for Instagram." This app, unrelated to Instagram and its parent company Meta, skyrocketed to the top of the iOS App Store charts, attracting millions of downloads. It promises Instagram users intriguing statistics, such as identifying accounts that took screenshots of their posts, those who blocked them, and who viewed their profiles. While end-of-year social media campaigns summarizing user activity are common, they are typically initiated by the platforms themselves, not through third-party apps. Meta, the parent company of Instagram, has voiced its concerns, stating that the Wrapped app violates its policies and has requested its removal from the App Store. However, some users have questioned the app's data accuracy, as discrepancies in the analytics have been reported. Despite the controversy, the Wrapped app claims that all data analysis is performed locally on users' devices and that it does not access or store personal information. This article highlights the ongoing debate over privacy and the use of third-party apps that interact with popular social media platforms.

Laws and Regulations

California Consumer Privacy Act of (2018)
Federal Trade Commission Act
Apple App Store Guidelines