Exploring the Perceptions of Location Sharing: Privacy vs. Affection

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Exploring the Perceptions of Location Sharing: Privacy vs. Affection
Short Title Location Sharing: Privacy vs. Affection
Location Global
Date 2023

Solove Harm Surveillance, Aggregation, Insecurity, Secondary Use, Exclusion, Disclosure
Information Location, Public Life, Family
Threat Actors APP USER

Affected Location sharing Application users
High Risk Groups Consumers
Tangible Harms Change of Behavior, Change of feelings or perception, Embarrassment

To a generation who grew up alongside the internet, location-sharing feels less like a privacy threat and more like an expression of affection.


The article is about the way people are using an location sharing applications to communicate their location. It is for most of us a way to demonstrate our love and concern, but it does mean that we will have to compromise some privacy. It's a question of balancing care for others and privacy in this Digital World, which is showing that things are going to change. The article describes a number of examples in relation to privacy damages caused by location data which can be observed on an application.

Laws and Regulations