Personal Information of Prisoners Who Used GettingOut App Is Leaked

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Personal Information of Prisoners Who Used GettingOut App Is Leaked
Short Title Messages and Other Personal Information of Millions of Prisoners Found Available Online
Location United States
Date August 2020

Solove Harm Insecurity
Information Communication, Identifying, Social Network, Family
Threat Actors Telmate

Affected Prisoners who used GettingOut app
High Risk Groups Criminal
Tangible Harms

Personal information of millions of prisoners was compromised in a database from Telmate - the company that created an app GettingOut for monitored calls and messages.


Telmate is a company that makes GettingOut - an app for prisoners to send monitored messages and make calls to their friends and family.

In August 2020 a security researcher discovered the unsecured database containing tens of millions of call logs, private messages, and personal information about inmates and their contacts. This is an example of Insecurity from the side of Telmate.

The company, to its credit, responded within two hours and secured the database an hour later.


Threat: Telmate not protecting prisoners personal information from leaks
At-Risk group: Prisoners using Telamtes app
Harm: Insecurity
Secondary Consequences: not known

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